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Joined up thinking for fragmented times

The Author

Tony Morden is an Author of real-world and reader-friendly professional books.

His books are strongly characterised by their joined-up and co-ordinated thinking, by their applied and practical character, by their real-world relevance and usability, and by their unrelenting focus on the necessary realities of implementation, leadership, management process, and practical performance.

During a long and successful career as a UK business school academic and Principal Lecturer Tony Morden also published widely in (applied) scholarly and practitioner journals, and contributed extensively to the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). He has given a variety of high-level presentations in the UK, USA, the Caribbean, and Canada. He has worked with diverse groups of students and clients. He has significant experience of teaching on an in-company basis. Tony Morden was also a teacher on Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in Central Africa.

This Book has been written in as a fair and an objective manner as the subject will allow. Dilemma Management has most certainly not been written to be “nice”. The author has tried to avoid making over-much reference to his own personal prejudices (e.g. as a voter, taxpayer or customer, etc.) where this has been possible. The book also tries to avoid making use of hype, exaggeration and sensationalism in dealing with its subject.

The author has drawn upon his experience as (a responsible) Trustee and Trustee Board Member of a major UK Charity, subject to the requirements of the Nolan Principles which are described in Chapter 24 of the Book.

Tony Morden is categorised as disabled within the meaning of the UK Equality Acts. He has in writing this Book used relevant medicolegal understanding, an understanding of certain NHS protocols and procedures, and some knowledge of high level medical consulting practice.

"No binary thinking in here"